A worker at the Roure perfume plant in Grasse, France, scoops up the morning’s rose harvest at the end of May. These rose petals will be processed immediately into an absolute, the aromatic liquid which is the basic component of perfume; photographed by Michael Freeman

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tbh ive been waiting all year to reblog this 

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i dont get why people say ‘tea is just leaf water’ and then act like coffee’s so great like what do u think you’re drinking. bean water is what

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Places I have been to this week.

We leave Portugal in two days and I don’t want this week to end. It’s been wonderful.

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Wonder Woman Booty Heart Brooch, $10, by TinyTangerines (tumblr)

My Wonder Woman Booty Heart Brooch arrived yesterday

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ur not allowed to be busy youre my only friend

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